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Rara Caterers | London

We have certified and accredited in-house food safety consultant who takes care of onsite operation. All our staff have high standard food safety training. We implement all safety measures and procedures in food handling, from cooking to service by using the most efficient equipment such as blast chiller and refrigerated vehicles.

All legal and official documents concerning health and safety, food  safety, food allergen awareness and Hygiene, HACCP and Risk Assessment and public liability insurance are readily available for any occasion. We do not compromise on food safety and consider it fundamental to our success. We have now been awarded 5 Star rating by the Environmental Health Authorities.

Food Hygiene & Safety

Rara Caterers | London

Our Menu has been updated and brought in line with the recent legislative changes on allergen information which can be greatly helpful for those who suffer from food allergies.

Allergenic reactions can make people very ill and can sometimes require serious medical attention. Be assured, we have identified every conceivable allergenic ingredient in our Menu.

We take food safety and potential hazards seriously and are happy to discuss this with our patrons. Any food can cause a food allergy, but there are 14 Major allergens of which customers need to be aware.

These 14 major allergens can be found in many different forms in many different foods.

  • All Allergens in the Menu have been highlighted in Bold

  • Our Menu has No food colouring or additives

  • For Allergen information, please speak to a member of staff Please click the below-given link to follow up major allergens set by Food Standards Agency

Be assured; we have identified every conceivable allergenic ingredient in our Menu. Due to the way of environment our food is prepared, it is impossible to guarantee the absence of all allergens in our meals. Any food product could involve allergens ingredients, and we do not make totally "Free From" allergens. Please inform a member of staff about any allergies or intolerances.

Food Allergen Awareness

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