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Take Away (Cater-Pack)

Besides the large-size catering services, RARA CATERERS developed a new concept, RARA Cater Pack, supplying hot and cook-chill ready-to-eat foods for small-sized parties such as household parties, office meetings, staff parties, farewells, or other occasions.


Order in advance for the next day or any future date and time for pick up or delivery. We provide delivery service for large orders to expansive areas in Greater London and surrounding counties, and transport costs will be applied depending on the distance.

Ready to Serve Hot Foods

Food is prepared and delivered warm and hot for instant use. It might get colder and require minimal heating before serving. Ready-to-eat foods can be refrigerated and shelf-stable.


Ready-to-Eat Cook-Chill Foods

 Foods cooked on order are chilled immediately using a blast chillier and transported. Suitable for instant or future use. It is cost-effective, hygienic and safe to transport.

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