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Besides the large-size catering services, RARA CATERERS developed a new concept, RARA Cater Pack, supplying hot and cook-chill ready-to-eat foods for small-sized parties such as household parties, office meetings, staff parties, farewells, or other occasions.


Order in advance for the next day to any future date and time for pick up or delivery. We provide delivery service for large orders to expansive areas in Greater London and surrounding counties, transport cost depending on the distance will be applied.


Ready to Serve Hot Foods

Foods prepared and delivered warm and hot for instant use. Foods might get colder and require minimal heating before serving. Ready-to-eat foods can be refrigerated and shelf-stable.


Ready-to-Eat Cook-Chill Foods

 Foods cooked on order are chilled immediately using a blast chillier and transported. Suitable for instant or future use. It is cost-effective, hygienic and safe to transport.


Customers can store our cook-chill products for up to five days at a temperature below 5 degrees centigrade. Dishes can be reheated by using everyday utensils or microwaves and served. Customers can reheat with small portions to save leftover food for future use—no Food Waste.


The food needs to reach 65 degrees at its centre for reheating a meal. It is cost-effective, hygienic and time-saving for busy professionals or families with time constraints.

What is Cook-Chill Foods?

​Cook-Chill is a simple, controlled temperature system of advanced food preparation designed to provide more flexibility in food service. The technique involves cooking food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures (up to five days), retaining freshness and flavour.


The solution is easy, flexible, cost-effective, hygienic and time-saving; direct to consumers who have busy lifestyles (be it for domestic or business)

​Just take a few steps to reheat the food over 65 degrees using your domestic cooker or oven.


Payment Options

Customers can pay online while ordering online or pay full payment over the phone once the order is made manually for distance customers. We take a 50% deposit if the order is made over the phone to pick up.


Our delivery terms


​We call to confirm the delivery address and time in advance for the day; please note that we require someone to receive the food at your premises if the order is set for delivery.


The food will be fresh and wholesome on delivery, but cannot be responsible for food handling, reheating, and storage after the drop-off

Delivery Terms

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