Catering For All Events

Rara provides exceptional catering services for weddings, corporate events and other private parties and events in Greater London and surrounding counties.


Foods are prepared hygienically in our kitchens and brought to the location in a temperature-controlled vehicle, and freshly served using your private kitchen or any satellite venue kitchen. RARA CATERERS will bring the kitchen to you with full utensils if required; we need a small area for our kitchen----- even your garden will do!


We source products and ingredients from approved and leading suppliers and distributors with delivery check specifications that meet HACCP requirements.

Fresh Salmon

Our Food Service Style

Food Pick Up Or Delivery Service

Hot (ready to eat meals) or cooked-chilled foods available to pick up or drop off on advance order. Customers take all responsibility to heat up, store and service. Foods packaging are available in microwavable containers for a small quantity, or we provide with large containers or utensils for large quantity. Utensils need to be returned or arrange to be collected on nominal charges.

  • Ready to Eat Meals: -Hot and ready to use meals delivery for instant use in local areas.

  • Cook-Chill Foods: - Cook-chilled food delivery options for instant or future use and or for far distant areas.

 Delivery Driver

Food Delivery, Set Up & Go

In this package, we deliver food, set up and instruct for service. Necessary utensils will be provided e.g. chafing dishes with food warming fuel gel, serving spoons, tongs etc.

Cutlery, crockery, glassware, linens will be charged as per required. Utensils will be collected after the event. This option is suitable for small private parties and house garden parties.


Canapés & Finger Food Service

This is a suitable option for small intimate home parties, corporate meetings,  inaugurations, new business launching or any celebration.

Canapés also served in a wedding reception as an entry course meal with reception drink. Staff will prepare food platters and serve with chutneys going around to the guests. Veg or non- veg, allergens contained food will be served in separate trays.


  • Cutlery crockery, staff and disposables included

  • Linen, glasses and decor are optional

Vegetable Pakoras

Buffet Service

This option is self-serving seated buffet service for hot or cold food. Starter and main course meal serve in a different time or display at the same time. We have designated staff monitoring the buffet station to make sure the right temperature of the food, cutlery crockery, meals are sufficient during the service hours. This is a comprehensive all-inclusive buffet catering service. We set up and serve until the event complete.

  • Cutlery crockery, staff and disposables included

  • Linen, glasses and décor are optional


This package is table bowl service; we serve all the food  (cold or hot ) at the table. We serve pre-plated individual meal or  sharing platter for starters and  bowls for main meal  to share for the table but dessert will be served individually. This is a comprehensive all-inclusive table bowl service.

We set up and serve until the event complete. Usually, one staff look after per two tables of guests serving food, drink and clearance the table.

  • Cutlery crockery, staff and disposables included

  • Linen, glasses and décor are optional


Table Bowl Service

In this package, we have two options

Option 1, we deliver ready to cook marinated raw food products. Customers take responsibility to prepare or grill, storing and serving. We provide the required utensils and equipment at nominal cost.

Option 2, we take responsibility to cook and serving. We provide chefs and other staff to make sure the bbq operation run smoothly. Required utensils, equipment, cutlery, crockery included.


BBQ | Garden Party Catering

On-Site Mobile Kitchen

RARA Catering will bring the kitchen to you with full utensils if there is no kitchen facilities available in the venue.

We just need the area for our kitchen……………… even your garden will do!